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Mapo Tofu

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1 Tbsp vegetable oil

3 Tbsp Green onions, chopped

1 tsp Sichuan peppercorns

1 Tbsp and 1 tsp Chili bean paste

2 tsp Ketchup

1/3 Cup Lypid™ Plant-Based Braised Pork Belly 

1/2 tsp Black pepper

1 ½ C Tofu, cubed

1 Tbsp Chili oil

¼ Cup Water


1. Turn on stove to medium heat (350 °F) and add oil to a pan. Sauté green onions and Sichuan peppercorns until fragrant. Add chili bean paste and ketchup, and stir-fry until aromatic.

2. Add Lypid™ Plant-Based Braised Pork Belly, black pepper, chili oil, water, and tofu. Mix together and cook for 7 minutes. Serve with rice.

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